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How to activate Gift Card feature
How to activate Gift Card feature

Start selling digital gift card to attract new customers, encourage repeat orders, and get immediate cash flow.

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You can activate the gift card feature in your admin dashboard with the following steps and tips:

Step 1 - Navigate in your admin dashboard

  • In your Rushable Admin Dashboard (, navigate to Brand > Gift Card > click on "START SELLING GIFT CARD" button

Step 2 - Create a Stripe account

  • In order to receive the gift card selling income immediately, we work with Stripe to get the fund to your account directly instead of routing through Rushable system, therefore a designated Stripe account is required.

Step 3 - Account Email

  • Enter an email you'd like to use for your Stripe account.

Step 4 - Account Password

  • In most cases, the email you entered is not associated with any existing Stripe account, so you can go ahead and create a password to establish your Stripe account.

Step 5 - Secure your account with a mobile number

  • Enter your cellphone number to receive a security login code.

Step 6 - Your account is secured

  • Although downloading this account recover code is recommended, feel free to click the Next button.

Step 7 - Let's start with some basics

  • This is the part to enter some basic information of your restaurant business.

  • For Business structure, it is the formation of your business entity, in most scenarios, we see Single member LLC, Multi-member LLC, and Private Corporation.

  • Please ask your accountant if you don't know which one to choose.

Step 8 - More information about your business

  • At this step, fill out more information about your business entity.

  • For Product description, you can enter "Online gift card for the customers of our restaurant, charge customers immediately at checkout when purchasing a gift card".

Step 9 - Fulfillment Details

  • Your customers are: check "Consumers"

  • You sell: check "Other products"

  • When do your customers make their payments? check "Your customers pay and the product or service is immediately accessible"

Step 10 - Verify your personal details

  • It is required by Stripe that the personal details need to filled as well.

  • At the bottom, make sure to tick the checkbox "I own 25% or more of the company", then click Continue

Step 11 - Verify you represent this business

  • Similar to step 9, this is just another set of information needed by Stripe.

Step 12 - Setup an account for payouts

  • You may see an option to let you connect your online bank, follow the steps to complete the setup if that's the case, but if you prefer to do it manually, there is also option for it.

  • In manual setup, you just need to input the Routing number an Account number of your checking account, then click Save

Step 13 - Add public details for customers

  • Recommended to leave the pre-filled Statement descriptor (usually it's just your brand name), and input something for Shortened descriptor.

  • For Customer support number, input your restaurant phone number.

Step 14 - Review and finish up

  • Review all the information and click Edit to make any changes, hit Submit when satisfied.

Step 15 - Toggle on to activate the feature

  • Once you completed Stripe process, you will be back to your Rushable Admin Dashboard.

  • It may take up to 5 minutes for Stripe to complete your account verification, so if you see an error popped when toggle on the Gift Card feature, please be patient and try again in 5 minutes, but definitely contact us at (855) 979-8860 if the error continue to happen.

  • After the completion of Stripe verification in about 5 minutes, simply toggle on the Gift Card feature, and start selling.

🎉 You're all set!

  • You should now be able to see a Gift Card page on your website (reload if you don't see it), see example below:

🤔 Frequently asked questions

Q: Can this gift card be used for both online and in-person orders?

A: Our digital gift card is currently used for online orders only, but we will definitely make it capable for in-store ordering in the future.

Q: How soon will I get the money when someone purchased a gift card?

A: The fund will immediately appear in your Stripe account, by default the payout to your bank is on a daily schedule (business days), but you can update it to weekly, monthly, or manually in Stripe.

Q: If a customer placed an order with partial or full amount paid by a gift card, how do I process refund if necessary?

A: For all orders, only the actual payment (credit, debit, or mobile payment) is refundable, the gift card paid portion can not be refunded, but a "TOP UP" option is available in your Admin Dashboard. For example, a $50 order was paid by $30 credit card, and $20 gift card, you can refund the $30 portion as usual, and if you also need to "refund" the $20 portion, go to your Admin Dashboard > Brand > Gift Card > Find the gift card you need to top up > Click on "TOP UP CARD" on the top-right to process.

Above is an explanation of our gift card feature. If you ever feel these directions are too technical, our team members are always on stand-by to provide you with all the support you need. Just get in touch with us at 855-979-8860 or

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