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How to update the menu in bulk
How to update the menu in bulk
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You can update menu items in bulk to have them restocked on a specific day or make them unavailable until further notice. From your Admin Dashboard ( and follow the steps below:

Steps 1 & 2: Navigate over to the Restaurant tab on the left sidebar of the screen and select Online Menu.

Step 3: Select Bulk Edit in the top right corner.

Step 4: Select your desired Bulk Edit Action.

From there, you will be able to bulk edit on pricing increase/decrease or item availability.

Pricing Adjustment

  1. Select Pricing Adjustment in the bulk edit action.

  2. Hit Confirm.

  3. Select the products from the checklist that need a price adjustment.

  4. Select Set New Prices.

  5. Choose the type of price update you would like to do.

  6. Fill in the amount you would like to increase by flat or percentage or the percentage you want to decrease.

  7. Review the before and after and apply any necessary changes to the after column.

  8. Save Changes.

Availability Adjustment

  1. Select Availability Adjustment in the bulk edit action.

  2. Hit Confirm.

  3. Select Set New Availability.

  4. Select between Restock on a date or Make inactive.

    1. Restock on a date will make the item unavailable until after the selected date.

    2. Inactive will maintain the item unavailable until it is manually made active again.

  5. Save Changes.

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