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How to Setup EPSON TM-m30II-NT Wi-Fi Printer
How to Setup EPSON TM-m30II-NT Wi-Fi Printer
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Step 1: Download "EPSON TM Utility" on your phone, via App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Enter Wi-Fi Setup Wizard

Open the "EPSON TM Utility" app and click Wi-Fi® Setup Wizard, choose TM-m30II-NT from the printer dropdown selection, then go to NEXT.

Step 3: Enter SimpleAP mode

  • Power on your printer.

  • If this is the first time that you set up the printer, it should print a ticket indicating that the printer is in SimpleAP mode. Please click PRINTED in "Status Check" page, then skip Step 4 and continue with Step 5

  • If there is no SimpleAP ticket being printed, please refer to Step 4

Step 4: Manually enter SimpleAP mode (optional)

  • Make sure you've loaded the paper roll and the orientation is correct (as instructed by the printer manual), if not reboot your printer and follow Step 3

  • Click NOT PRINTED on the APP to "Simple AP Mode" page, and follow instructions to reset the printer and enter SimpleAP Mode

Step 5: Connect your phone to the printer with SimpleAP mode

  • You are now on the "Printer Connection" page in the EPSON TM Utility APP. It should connect your phone to the printer via Wi-Fi. (If the connection fails, you could try manual connection by going to the Wi-Fi setting page on your phone, then find "EPSON_Printer" and enter 12345678 as the password)

  • Once the phone is connected to the printer via Wi-Fi, a ticket will be printed as your confirmation

Special Step for iPhone Users

  • If you are using an android phone, please skip this step

  • iPhone users will be asked to download and install a temporary profile before connecting their phone to the printer, please download it

  • Go to Setting / General / Profile, click to install Epson profile

  • Go to Setting / Wi-Fi, click to connect to "EPSON_Printer", then go back to EPSON TM Utility APP for next step

Step 6: Connect your printer to the internet - 1/2

  • On "Network Selection" page, choose the Wi-Fi network that you like your printer to be connected to, please make sure that this is also the Wi-Fi network that your Rushable Tablet is connected to, then click NEXT (If the Wi-Fi network that your Rushable Tablet connects to is not nearby during your printer setup, you could also choose Manual Setting and enter SSID and Password)

  • On "Security Selection" page, choose the correct security setting of your Wi-Fi router. Select "WPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES)" if you are not sure

  • On "Passphrase Setting" page, enter the password to the Wi-Fi network you've chosen and continue to the next page

Step 7: Connect your printer to the internet - 2/2

  • On "IP Address Setting" page, select Manual instead of Auto (DHCP)

  • Enter an unoccupied static IP address in the "IP Address" filed and leave other fields as default.

  • To determine what IP addresses are available on your local network, download PingTools Network Utilities on your android phone

    1. Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your Printer

    2. Tap top-left hamburger menu, select "Local-Area Network" to scan

    3. Tap the setting icon on the top right corner and click reorder / sort by address

    4. You should see the IP lists with a pattern "xx.xx.xx.xx", which are 4 groups of numbers separated by 3 dots, take the first 3 groups and replace the 4th group with a number below 255 and not taken in the list

  • Enter the IP Address and Go to NEXT page, your printer should restart, complete the setup and connect to the Wi-Fi network you've chosen.

Step 8: Connect your printer to Rushable Tablet App

  • Go to setting / Receipt Printer, and scan for Network Printers

  • Find the printer with IP address that you've entered in Step 7, toggle it on and rename. In case you do not remember the IP address you've assigned, you can also click TEST PRINT of each printer in the list to troubleshoot.

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