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If you need to place varying prices for different sizes of a menu item follow this step by step guide

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You can enable or disable order types both on the tablet app and the admin dashboard (

Pricing mode gives you the option to list an item at different variable sizes, such as small, medium, or large. This feature gives you the opportunity to place the different variable sizes at different prices, for as a small order of an item could be priced lower than a large order.

Simple Pricing: no variation of sizes just one set price for an item.

Variable Pricing: Different variables size (small, medium, large) allowing you to place a different price for each.

Simple Pricing

Variable Pricing

Above is an explanation on the pricing mode in your existing website. If you ever feel these directions are too technical, our team members are always on stand-by to provide you with all the support you need. Just get in touch with us at 855-979-8860 or

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