How to update menu item
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You can update your menu in your Admin Dashboard ( After logging in, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Location on the left side bar.

  2. Select the Online Menu.

  3. Select Setting next to desired menu item.

  4. Select Detail / Edit

Step 1, 2, 3&4: Navigate over to Location on the left side bar, select the Online Menu from Restaurant tab and select the setting (6 dots) on the right to the desired menu item and select Detail/ Edit.

From there, you will be able to edit the following elements:

  • Item name

  • Description

  • Image (also available on tablet)

  • Availability status (also available on tablet)

  • Alcohol content

  • Food tags (e.g. Spicy Hot)

  • Pricing mode

  • Price

  • Modifiers

If you ever feel these directions are too technical, our team members are always on stand-by to provide you with all the support you need. Just get in touch with us at 855-979-8860 or

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